Tips for baking


All Queen of Cakes Bake Me Eat Me recipes are easy to make with clear instructions in English and German.

Whether you are a first time cake maker or experienced baker with fancy equipment in your kitchen, you might like to check out these general tips.


Read the instructions carefully and make sure you have everything you need before you begin. We recommend using 53 g + eggs.

Baking tin sizes

Do try to use the recommended tin size for the recipe. Some cakes will work in larger tins but remember to adjust the cooking time. A shallower cake will cook faster!

Baking paper circles

I suggest you line your baking tins with baking parchment. To cut a neat circle draw round the base of your tin. 

Electric whisks or wooden spoons

I recommend using an electric whisk for most recipes. Of course you can use a food mixer too. Beating with a wooden spoon was how it was done 50 years ago so that’s not impossible but it takes a lot of elbow power!

When it says beat for 1 minute it is wise to do so. That way you will incorporate more air into the mix and the cake will rise better.


All ovens vary. I give recommended oven temperatures but you may want to check five minutes before the cake is due to come out and cover with a piece of baking parchment if the top seems to be getting too brown.

However try not to open your oven before the cake has reached the last five minutes of baking. It can cause it to sink.


If the instructions suggest cooling before the next process, it is better to do so. Otherwise your buttercream may start to melt on a warm cake base!

And here are some tips specific to a few of the cakes. Make them extra delicious and look even more tempting…

Victoria Sponge Cake

In the summer months you can substitute strawberry jam with fresh whipped cream and strawberries.

Christmas Cake

It is traditional to make an English Christmas Cake several months before eating. (Though it’s also delicious if made on Christmas Eve!) After baking and before you use the marzipan and icing, you can wrap it in baking paper and keep it in an airtight tin. Then from time to time you can add more brandy. Use a cake tester to prick over the surface of the cake then pour on a small measure of extra brandy. Repeat weekly!

Lemon Poppyseed and Iced lemon Cake

To make your icing as attractive as possible, use a knife or palette knife dipped in hot water to smooth the icing on the top.

Orange Almond Cake

This cake requires fresh oranges and recommends 500gm. Try to use this weight if possible. It’s a moist cake anyway and if your oranges weigh more than this cut off the extra after they have boiled. This cake makes a great desert served with crème fraiche.

Chocolate Orange Cake

This cake has several processes and needs more time to create. Don’t try and make it just one hour before you want to eat it!  But it’s worth the wait. It has been described to me as a cake that tastes like eating chocolate orange truffles.

Have Fun!